France or Portugal: Where will the Euro trophy find its new home

As the last page of Euro 2016 book opens to be written with its winner's name. Paris (France), destination to decide whether Euro trophy stays in France or flies all the way to Portugal. A simple question will be answered tonight whether France will win their 3rd title or Portugal will hook their maiden title.

Poll stats from various site says France to be ultimate winners but Portugal finding their way to final are never the less. Antonio Griezmann the superman for France and hot favourite for golden boot; Ronaldo, Nani and new young star Renato Sanchez being vital assets for Portugal. 

Player to watch in today's final being Antione Griezmann (France) and Renato Sanchez (Portugal).

Portugal being a team, that didn't win a single game in 90 minutes before semifinals where they defeated Wales 2-0. France proving their tag of being favourite to be correct by beating world champions Germany 2-0 in 2nd semifinal.

Past 30 days of tournament proved to be a rollercoaster experience with underdogs like Iceland and Wales winning hearts all around the world with their magical performance. France playing final ahead of their home crowd will be under huge amount of pressure but the fearless france will enter todayw final all guns blazing against spirited Portugal.

Last time Portugal played a final back in 2004 where they were host and lost final to greece. France won their past 2 titles in 1984 hosted by France itself and in 2000 hosted jointly by Belgium nd Netherlands.

In today's final: keyplayer's for France are Griezmann, Payet, Pogba, Giroud and accordingly for Portugal are Ronaldo, Nani, Renato Sanchez, Pepe. So who will win Euro today and where will be Euro trophy's new home after Spain, will it be France or Portugal!