From entertainment to emergence of new talents: IPL has done a lot of good to cricket

Quinton de Kock Shane WatsonThe ninth edition of the Indian Premier League is in its full swing and the tournament has once again showed that it has all the ingredients that make a competition a success. Whether it's pure intense cricket matches, or the cheerleaders; whether it’s last ball finishes or the sixes from likes of Gayles and Warners, it has the perfect recipe that will keep it going for long.

Let’s take a look at the positives from the tournament:


The fans, their yelling, their spirits are the most amazing thing of IPL. What IPL offers to its audience is entertainment. Everyone heartily supports their favourite team. Mostly, crowd of both home and away matches supporting their home team is quite natural. The fun lies in the fact that many spectators do not support their home team, they cheer for the team in which their favourite cricketers are playing. Cricket here successfully breaks all the man made boundaries and barriers.


IPL has provided a new platform to portray the talents for many veteran cricketers as commentators, mentors, coaches, support staffs, umpires, analysts and many more options. The IPL also opens a career for the cheer leaders.


Players of different countries come and play together as one team under the same banner. A perfect example of globalisation of the modern progressive society! It mirrors a mixed culture which helps to value one another’s country and their community. IPL is such a big cricket platform that a great number of cricketers are required. It is not like a national team in which maximum of 15 players of the same nations are selected before any tournament. It is a tournament where national and international players merge under the same jersey.


The pay package of IPL is huge and it increases according to the ability and merit of the players. Naturally, an already established player earns more than the new ones. But in IPL even the emerging players earns enough and huge figures. Life becomes fun with such a career. Thus it helps many young and emerging players in their financial upliftment.