Who was FIFA women’s world player of the year? It's time we start appreciating our women sportspersons

I was watching Ballon d’Or ceremony few days ago. All of us know Lionel Messi won the title for the 5th time and many more gossips about him and other nominated players, but do we know who was awarded as the FIFA women’s world player of the year that night?


Ohk. No problem. Let’s make it simple. We know the three nominees of Ballon d’Or Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. But who were the three nominees of Women’s player of the year?

Still No!!

Ohh.. I tell you.. Carli Lloyd was awarded as the Women’s player of the year and the three nominees were Carli Lloyd, Aya Miyama & Celia Sasic.

What! Who are they?
But then this is type of attention that the women players in sports get. Hardly anyone knows about them. Not only in football, they are suffering in identity crisis in others games, including cricket, basketball, hockey and other team games. In athletics, skating, marathons, shooting and tennis, women and men get equal prize money. Then why rest of the sports is far behind? Why women players don’t get any facilities like a male player? Why they don’t get audience, TV coverage, media attention, salaries as a male player?

They are also players and they work hard to get to the platform where they are today. They are playing for their nation. They want attention, name, fame and fortune just like their male counterparts and they equally deserve that. But they are struggling only because they are female!!

In the 21st century where we talk about gender equality, Sports is a major event to appeal, to show the world the meaning of equality. We need to close this gap now. It is a battle of gender balance in sports.

Women are strong enough to compete in the men’s world. They just need our attention to express themselves. Respect them, appreciate them, cheer for them, celebrate with them and award them without gender inequality.