Twist to Sushil-Narsingh tussle: Delhi High Court says Sports Code given flexibility and autonomy to federations to decide on selections

The ongoing tussle of selection between Sushil Kumar and Narsingh Pancham Yadav took a new turn on Thursday, as the Delhi High Court said that Sports Code has given flexibility and autonomy to the federations to decide "whether or not to hold trails for selections".

This has come after the sports ministry, when asked about its role in the selection process, told the HC that "it has no role to play and that WFI is an autonomous body", says a report in the DNA.

According to the report, the WFI has also alleged that Sushil "misused public money" during his stint in Georgia with the other wrestlers in March. "He was training 40km away from the camp with the Georgian wrestling team," WFI told the court.

However, Sushil's counsel Amit Sibal defended his decision saying: "If I had to train with Indian wrestlers, I could have done that in India only. I get to train with better Georgian wrestlers."

Meanwhile according to a report in Chandigarh Tribune, the WFI told the court that it had already sent the name of Narsingh Yadav on May 3 to the United World Wrestling, which oversees the sport at the Olympics.
This move was questioned by Sushil’s counsel, saying “why the rush to send the name on May 3 when the deadline was July 18?” He also said that by doing so, Sushil’s plea has been rendered infructuous.

The court, however, said that since it has heard lengthy arguments, it will deliver a judgement and reserved its verdict on the wrestler’s plea for June 6.