Tables turn on Day 2 at Hero MTB Himalaya, Andi Seewald climbs up 6 spots

Shimla: After an exciting day 1 of stage Balkhu’s Epiphany at the 12th Hero MTB Himalaya and Cory Wallace claiming the overall stage leader podium, day 2 witnessed spins in luck of many riders.

After a tough day with 4 tire flats on the Balkhu’s Epiphany, Seewald finished at #7 with a timing of 3:19:32 while Wallace was leading the overall category with a time of 2:47:40.

In a turn of events on Stage 2- Sutlej Symphony, Andi Seewald climbed 6 spots and won stage 2 with a time of 03:59:16
Jason English finished 2nd with a time of 04:17:13 just ahead of Thomas Turner who finished the 89km competitive distance of Stage 2 in a time of 04:19:29.

Cory Wallace finished at 4th spot with a time of 04:19:31 owing to time lost in replacing a tire.

Elevation gain of more than 2,000m, Maximum elevation of around 2,600m the day with 4 single track sections from Gada Kuffar to Shwad tested the will of many riders.

Andi had a clear lead ahead of 10 minutes from single tracks of Shilaru and was followed by Thomas Turner and Jason English. Between 2nd and 3rd feed-station, Rocky Mountain Team’s Manuel Weissenbacher took the 3rd spot blazing along Jason.

Just 8 kms from the finish, Jason overtook Turner and Manuel and finished 2nd with a time of 04:17:13.

Catherine Williamson leading the open women solo category continued her domination in the race and finished at 9th spot with a time of 05:07:40 followed by Ilda Pereira on 11th in a time of 05:16:42.

Johan Labuschagne is currently leading the open masters solo category with a time of 05:12:54. The South African finished at 10th spot.

Top 10 (Overall):

1) Andi Seewald ; 03:59:16
2) Jason English ; 04:17:13
3) Thomas Turner ; 04:19:29
4) Cory Wallace ; 04:19:31
5) Holger Schaarschmidt ; 04:23:35
6) Manuel Weissenbacher ; 04:39:52
7) Andreas Hartmann ; 04:39:52
8) Justin Price ; 05:07:40
9) Catherine Williamson ; 05:07:40
10) Johan Labuschagne ; 05:12:54

Top 3 (Open Men Solo):

Andi Seewald ; 03:59:16
Jason English ; 04:17:13
Thomas Turner ; 04:19:29

Top 2 (Open Women Solo):

Catherine Williamson ; 05:07:4016
Ilda Pereira ; 05.16.42

Top 2 (Masters Solo):

Johan Labuschagne ; 05:12:54
Marcus Werf ; 05:54:40