Shameful that India failed to recognise Shiva Keshavan

Shiva Keshavan Luge PlayerA country's pride in sports comes when its citizens win Olympic medals. But what if the country doesn't even appear for Olympics? India is in shameful situation now ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Shiva Keshavan, five-time Olympian, was the lone representative in two Olympics. This clearly showed how winter games are supported in our country. He was the first Indian in the event and fears he may call down curtains soon.

After winning silver in the Asian Games and making Asian record for top speed, the luge star is in misery. He is with an empty pocket now and is fed up of applying for sources to fill them. His coach's salary of Rs 13 lakh was given from his own pocket. The government gave around Rs 10 lakhs but he was unable to go with further expenses.

A patriotic man who denied Italian citizenship offer just in hope that his country will recognize his talent come to his rescue, he is fading on hope and this may result in India-less Winter Olympic soon.

India need to rectify this soon and must avoid future cases like this for betterment of sports.