Concept of 'tried and tested method' adopted by new selection committee as well

Concept of 'tried and tested method' adopted by new selection committee as wellIt was expected that the new selection committee of the BCCI will go out of the way and do away the attitude of sticking to the conventional wisdom while selecting the team. 

But as things stand they also hung on to usual concept of ‘tried and tested method’ and paid heavily for their faulty decision in the on-going Test series against England.

They are already under-fire as the team now trails 1-2 in the series, and still they are not willing to think out of the box.


The committee headed by Sandip Patil has dropped Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan for the last Test match.

Well it was more or less certain that Zaheer would face the axe, but then what was the logic behind dropping Yuvraj and Harbhajan. Forget dropping why were they even selected in the side? They did not do much on the domestic circuit to get a direct entry into the team where there were a lot of other players already waiting in the queue waiting for a spot.

Manoj Tiwary has been performing consistently in the domestic circuit and still does not get a chance in the team, and Yuvraj gets it after a single double ton in the Duleep Trophy. How is this justified?

It is accepted that he is a far more accomplished batsman than Tiwary, but then form is what matters and not accomplishments.

There can be only reason for not selecting him and that will be their ability to trust the quality of Indian domestic circuit. It is very surprising that even the previous committee never considered him and the suit is just being followed.

Well whatever, the reason might be for Harbhajan’s selection in the squad, the real question that arises is that why was Harbhajan dropped?

He played just one match and took two wickets in a match where he bowled like some 20 overs. But still he faced the axe.

One cannot help but accept whatever Sunil Gavaskar said about the selection that Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan were made the scapegoats. Yes indeed, lot of other players need to be taken to the task but by dropping them they played it safe and escaped the ire.

The selection committee has selected Ravindra Jadeja to the team owing to his triple century. His feat does earn him a spot in the side, but theoretically speaking he is lower than Tiwary on the pecking order.

Only the selection of Parwinder Awana does not defy and he actually deserves a place in this side. He has been great in the IPL last season and in Ranji season as well.

The squad for first three Tests was faulty and nothing changed after they selected the squad for the fourth Test.

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