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Brendon McCullum, you will be missed by one and all

Brendon McCullum 26The man was respected by his teammates and his opposition alike. As he played his last Test match this week, Brendon McCullum made sure that this inning defined exactly what his career was. The fastest Test match hundred which he made will surely tell the next generation, who may not see him bat, about what a batsman and an entertainer he was.

But for us who saw him bat, we hardly needed this innings to remember him. It’s just like getting a chocolate with a cake on your birthday. The ultra fast use of those hands and legs made sure that the bowler was going to be treated with disdain. His shots were not just quick but were humongous as well.

When his bat made contact with the ball, the viewers knew the ball was going for a ride out of the stadium. Who can forget the very first inning of IPL, which was made special by him by scoring a century?

As is said with great power, comes greater responsibilities, he made sure he did everything that was required for his team. The moment he took charge of New Zealand, the team transformed into a side which made the opponents shiver. He led his team to World Cup finals which no other New Zealander had ever done. It shows what a champion he was when he made the Indian fans cheer for his side in the finals.

He was a true hero and more than that a true gentleman. Be it batting, wicket keeping or fielding, he gave his 100%. His intensity during fielding on any ground made the batsman feel like there were more than 11 fielders on the ground. He could be seen jumping, running and dashing everywhere on the field.

All we can say is that we would have loved to see him play for another 2-3 years. But we can't complain of whatever contribution he has already made for cricket. He will be missed not just by his team and country, but by each and every cricket fan all around the world.

By Kapil Dabas